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San Diego is one of the most crowded cities in the country, and so the citizens face life-threatening road accidents almost every passing day. Improper Turn Accidents are mostly seen in turnings and stop signs as drivers ignore the law and pass through. Ignorance results in tragic accidents involving the lives of several people and their loved ones.

Many victims are seen seeking help and assistance; in such events, a San Diego improper turn accident lawyer would be of great benefit. Every Improper Turn accident victim deserves just compensation. Contact Shamon Law to discuss your case.

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What Is An Improper Turn Accident?

Improper turn accidents occur when a driver turns at a stop sign or red light without stopping or yielding to pedestrians or ongoing traffic. Turning without signaling results in fatal collisions or accidents; it can put a car directly in front of or into the path of another vehicle.

National traffic laws dictate when it is allowed to make a legal turn, and when drivers ignore those laws, they might cause improper turn accidents. Some examples of improper turns are breaking traffic signals, turning before their chance to do so, or turning from an improper lane. Making such improper turns leads to fatal accidents and opposes the rules dictated by the authorities.

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How Often Do Improper Turns Cause Accidents?

The numbers below reflect the current situation of accidents nationwide and in California, and improper turn accidents contribute a huge part to those stats. The accidents mostly happen due to negligence and ignorance; the authorities are trying their best to tackle and decrease these numbers.

The number of civilians losing their lives in tragic traffic accidents reached a 16-year high in 2021 all over the United States. In California alone,  4,258 traffic accidents were estimated to have happened in 2021, which is a 10.7% rise from 2020. 

Additionally, government officials have estimated 42,915 lives lost on highways nationwide in 2021. It is a 10.5% increase from 38,824 people in 2020, and the numbers only keep increasing with time.

What Are The Common Factors That Cause Improper Turn Accidents?

Ignorant or negligent drivers often disregard traffic regulations by turning improperly at intersections is the major cause of improper turn accidents.  

Apart from the aforementioned factors, 6 other factors cause Improper Turn Accidents;

  • Right turn at a red light where a ‘no turn on red’ is posted
  • Left turn at a red light
  • Failing to stop and yield the vehicle at a stop sign fully
  • Turning into a road or lane switching without signal
  • Illegal U-turn on a divided highway
  • Not using the dedicated lanes for right or left turns
Most of these improper turn accidents result from carelessness/negligence or reckless driving. Failing to check for road signs or not using the vehicle turning signals are two of the most contributing factors that cause such happenings.

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What Are The Common Injuries Caused Due To Improper Turn Accidents?

Here are the 7 common injuries caused due to improper turn accidents:

  • Multiple fractures and broken bones
  • Crushing injuries, amputations, and loss of body parts
  • Internal organ and traumatic brain injuries
  • Fatal spinal cord injuries and full or certain part paralysis
  • Airbags and seatbelts injuries
  • Lifetime scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional and psychological trauma

Collision of vehicles has a maximum chance of the passengers retaining life-threatening injuries. There is a high probability of them being thrown out from the vehicle or crushed and rammed in the seat or the steering wheel. Vehicles facing side impacts are especially dangerous due to the lack of protection measures and the vulnerability of the car’s sides. Even the latest and sturdiest vehicles are vulnerable to high-speed impact. They do have measures to decrease fatality, but there will still be numerous injuries and chances of lives being lost.

What Should You Do After An Improper Turn Accident?

Seek medical attention while you can if you’re in an improper turn accident. Then, contact authorities if you witness an improper turn accident.

After that, contacting an experienced San Diego improper turn accident lawyer would be the best course of action one can take. An expert can easily assemble and channel evidence, like bills, records, pictures, videos, etc., to strengthen the case from the ground up. The faster you contact an attorney, the stronger your side of the case can get.

Improper turn accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, with no prior signs. One mistake or negligence of the driver can result in devastating outcomes for some.

What Compensation Will You Get From Improper Turn Accidents?

According to Vehicle Code 22100, a driver that makes an improper turn has to pay a fine of $238. Any case of improper turns also adds points to the driver’s license, resulting in suspension or revocation. 

While that being said, the compensation rate is determined by the severity and gravity of the case. It is where a San Diego improper turn accident lawyer shows their worth; an expert lawyer will evaluate and determine the actual compensation one requires for their losses. 

An improper turn accident lawyer will make sure to build your claim into a strong case and generate as much compensation as possible. They will also help the victims with negotiations and hold off insurance and big corporations from devaluing the plaintiff’s claims.

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The tragic happening of an improper turn accident can drastically affect individuals and their loved ones. Victims of improper turn accidents should immediately file a case to accumulate compensation for their loss. Filing such cases requires accurate assessment and deductive techniques for the best possible outcome. Sorting the intertwined elements of an improper turn accident is one of the most complex parts of the case.

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