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Our San Diego Personal injury lawyers are able to win cases by fighting for the rights of our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve, and we are always available to answer any questions that our clients may have.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to contact our  personal injury lawyer in San Diego as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

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When you suffer an injury because of another’s negligence, you need a tireless advocate to fight for your rights. Insurance companies employ legal teams to look for ways to reduce or deny claims. But you have the right to full compensation, including all bills related to the accident, all lost income, and pain and suffering. Shamon Law, San Diego personal injury lawyers, represent victims of all types of accidents. We fight until our clients receive every dollar they deserve.

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When I had my identity stolen I didn't know what to do. I had companies calling me, threatening me with legal action and pursing criminal charges against me if I didn't return the stolen items and pay back the date the Identity thieves ran up in my name. I was cornered without any proof and without many options . I reached out to Attorney Shamon, and he was beyond helpful. At a time where I was panicking and a nervous wreck. Stewart was professional, calm, sincere and efficient in hearing my case and proactive in resolving it. His diligence and interest to hear what I had to say and know my side of the story wasn't something I was used to when dealing with attorneys. Mr. Shamon reassured me that he would handle my case and prove my innocence. His relentless work ethic,attention to detail and sensitivity with my case helped stop the bleeding sooner rather then later. He redirected all the harassing calls to him,intervened with the debt collectors and had me redirect all matters regarding these matters to him. He cleared my innocent name of all charges, everything was dismissed and a huge HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders. I couldn't have been more grateful for what Attorney Shamon did for me. And the best part was his meticulous work ethic and enthusiasm gave me reassurance and comfort in a time when everything in my life was in doubt. Everything a lawyer is suppose to perform Mr. Shamon fulfilled it and surpassed it. Nobody likes dealing with the law or legal matters, but knowing you have an attorney like him fighting for you, will allow you to sleep better knowing you have nothing to worry about. And that your name and rights will be represented in the utmost professional way. If you need a lawyer,then this law office is where you need to go to.Thank you to Shamon Law for all you did for me.
What a great experience with Shamon Law. Not only were they professional about the work but they were approachable, which makes for a great mix for a lawyer.
I got my rental security deposit back thanks to Shamon Law. He got me my full amount back within one week.
Stewart is the best in the business, honest and reliable. He always returned my calls and answered all of my questions. I was very happy with the job he did and I would recommend him to everyone!!
Stewart Shamon is probably one of the most knowledgable lawyers I have ever dealt with. He has great experience in the field and I can count on him to accomplish what is needed in cases. Mr. Shamon is always on top of his clients and keeps them informed. I highly recommend Mr. Shamon for any assistance needed, whether they are felonies or misdemeanors. He will not let you down. Call Mr. Stewart Shamon today!
Stewart has been helpful, knowledgeable, efficient, effective, and fair. I made an appointment and explained my situation. Stewart took care of everything and I received progress emails/phone calls. I would definitely refer him to anyone without a doubt. I will use his services any time I need him.
Stewart has been on top of my case for months and despite it lingering on, he has kept in touch constantly and updated me on our progress. I've been patient due to Stewart's notifications. His appeal is easily the friendly manner and great conversations he will stir up. He is definitely honest and candid, which are by far the great qualities which push me to recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel.
My boyfriend was in a car accident that resulted with some pretty bad injuries needing surgery we went and spoke with Stewart about the accident and how to go about the insurance claim and he has been 100% honest and helpful he has kept us completely updated with information during the first meeting he was very polite and truly listened and discussed everything in full detail about the contract agreement with him and about how the whole situation goes and how to go about handling everything he is an amazing lawyer that does his best to help his client in every way possible and very quick with getting things started!! I would refer him to everyone I know.

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