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An experienced personal injury attorney will get you a higher net recovery for all the damages you had incurred and will equal the playing field when dealing with insurance companies. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will allow you to focus on recovery while your lawyer takes over in navigating all communications and dealings with insurance companies, repair shops, and hospitals.

Right away. Waiting too long to hire a personal injury lawyer may cause loss of important documents that can be used as evidence for your case. Cases are won or lost on evidence and the sooner your lawyer can gather police reports, photographs, witness statements, expert witnesses, and other essential documents/evidence, the better your chances are on winning your case.

Shamon Law, APC holds the reputation of delivering success to every personal injury case we handle. More importantly, we are known for caring about our clients and giving them our personalized and undivided attention. Our team is committed to serving our clients’ best interests by consistently obtaining the highest possible settlement for every case

  • Educate clients about the personal injury claim and litigation process
  • Analyze insurance policies to determine what coverage id available to pay for client’s damages
  • Determine and analyze legal issues that may affect the client’s case
  • Analyze the client’s health insurance coverage to assess what the client will be paying after the settlement
  • Assist clients with obtaining the best medical treatment, accessing other resources, and paying for medical bills
  • Meet the client’s health care providers to discuss and evaluate client’s case
  • Follow-up with client to get updates on treatment status
  • Gather evidence and investigate the case
  • Obtain police and medical reports related to the claim from experts
  • File claims and make demands for compensation on behalf of the client
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Prepare necessary documents for clients (brief, forms, and declaration) for small claims
  • Prepare summons and complaint and file them in court
  • Prepare and conduct depositions of client, defendant, witnesses, and experts.
  • Prepare for mediation, arbitration, or trial
  • Hire additional experts to support the case if necessary
  • Research and write briefs
  • File motions
  • Try the case

Our office works on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not get paid if we do not win. If we are not able to recover money for you, you will owe nothing.

Shamon Law, APC takes cases primarily in San Diego County but represents clients locally and across Southern California. In some personal injury cases, Shamon Law APC also represents clients statewide and nationwide.

Accordion ContentIt is tough to predict how long a case settles because there are so many steps to take, and so many factors to consider. Cases that deal with less severe injuries are generally resolved in 8 months- 1 year. Meanwhile, complex and severe injury cases take up to two to three years to settle.

Each case is different and is valued individually. Factors to consider when settling a claim are as follows: the types and severity of your injuries, past and future medical bills, loss of earnings and earning capacity, duration of your injuries, permanent pain and disability, and whether or not the other party was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The insurance company that insures the defendant pays for the settlement.

The State of California allows you to recover the value of your case reduced by the percentage of fault for the accident due to your own wrongdoing or negligence. This concept is also known as “comparative fault”.


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