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Imagine you are cruising down the vibrant streets of San Diego, listening to your favorite song on the radio as the wind is flowing through your hair. Suddenly, you hit the brake but the car didn’t stop. Your heart races as you realize your brakes have failed, leading to a devastating accident.

This terrifying scenario is a reality for hundreds of people in San Diego. They experience brake failure accidents which turn their everyday commute into a nightmare. As daunting as the situation might be, there’s hope – a San Diego brake failure accident lawyerShamon Law can turn the tide in your favor with a seasoned brake failure accident attorney in San Diego.

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What Is A Brake Failure Accident?

A brake failure accident is an unfortunate traffic incident that occurs when the braking system of a vehicle fails to work properly. It often leads to devastating consequences. When it comes to road safety, the first that comes to mind is brakes as they are the primary safety feature of any vehicle. They are designed to stop the vehicle when necessary, whether to avoid obstacles or to halt at a stop sign. A brake failure, thus, can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles. This results in devastating accidents that can leave one with severe damage and injuries.

The scenario becomes even more frightening on the highways and urban roads where vehicles are often at high speeds. Vehicles at high speeds are likely to have fatal accidents.

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Causes Of Brake Failure Accidents

There are a variety of reasons that can lead to brake failure accidents in San Diego. This includes failure of components of the braking system, poor maintenance, and sometimes, weather conditions. Listed below are some most common causes of brake failure accidents.

  • Overheated Brakes and Brake Fade: Overheating is a common cause of brake failure accidents. It typically occurs when brakes are overused, such as during a long descent or when towing heavy loads. The heat can cause the brakes to fade. This scenario reduces the brakes’ effectiveness and potentially leads to an accident.

  • Brake Fluid Leak: Brake fluid is essential for the proper functioning of the brakes. When there is a leak in the system, it can cause the brakes to become less effective or even fail entirely.

  • Worn or Damaged Brake Lines and Hoses: Brake lines and hoses carry the brake fluid that allows the brake system to function. If these lines or hoses are worn or damaged, they can leak fluid and lead to brake failure accidents.

  • Worn Brake Pads and Shoes: Brake pads and shoes create the necessary friction to stop the vehicle. Over time, they can wear down and become less effective, causing brake failure accidents.

  • Damaged Rotor Disks: The rotor disks are a vital component of the braking system. If they’re damaged, they can impair the brakes’ effectiveness, leading to brake failure accidents in San Diego.

  • Faulty Brake Master Cylinder: The master cylinder is the heart of the braking system. It controls the brake fluid that enables the brakes to work properly. A fault in the master cylinder can lead to a complete brake failure resulting in a car accident.

  • ABS System Malfunction: The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking up during braking. This feature reduces skidding. If the ABS malfunctions, it can contribute to brake failure and lead to an accident.

  • Poor Maintenance and Neglect: Proper maintenance is essential to keep the brakes working correctly. Neglecting routine checks and services can lead to various issues, including brake failure accidents in San Diego.

  • Weather Conditions: Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, can cause brake failure. Water or snow can reduce friction between the brake pad and the wheel and cause the brakes to become less effective.

Injuries Resulting From Brake Failure Accidents

Brake failure accidents in San Diego can lead to a wide array of injuries. They range from minor cuts and bruises to severe bodily harm. The severity of the injuries greatly depends on the speed at which a vehicle was during the accident and other safety measures in place. Some of the most common injuries resulting from brake failure accidents include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Death

Besides injuries, brake failure accident victims in San Diego may face significant medical expenses, loss of earnings, and property losses. In such cases, an experienced San Diego brake failure accident lawyer can provide you with invaluable help. They will fight for your rights and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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California Brake Failure Accident Statistics & Laws

Brake failure accidents constitute a significant percentage of traffic accidents in California.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 20,000 people died in vehicle accidents in 2022. This number is more than 0.5% as compared to the vehicle accident fatalities in 2021. Moreover, the California Office of Traffic Safety cited that there were 136,017 vehicle accidents in 2019 – an average of 373 crashes per day. When it comes to vehicle accidents, every year, 36 injury crashes are caused due to defective brakes.

California law mandates vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles, including brake systems, in a safe operating condition. Brake systems must meet specific safety standards, and when one fails to do so, they get heavy fines and penalties.

Who Is Liable In A Brake Failure Accident?

Determining liability in a brake failure accident can be complex as it involves establishing negligence or fault. If the accidents are due to poor maintenance, vehicle owners might be held responsible. In cases of manufacturing defects, the car manufacturer or brake manufacturer could be held liable. If a mechanic recently worked on the brakes and didn’t repair them correctly, they could also bear responsibility for the accident.

A skilled brake failure accident lawyer in San Diego can investigate the accident, gather evidence, and determine who is at fault. They build a strong case to hold the responsible party accountable, and provide you with a fair settlement.

Do I Get Compensation For A Brake Failure Accident?

Victims of brake failure accidents are often entitled to compensation that can cover medical bills, loss of income, property damage, and pain and suffering. If there is a death due to a brake failure accident, families may claim wrongful death and get compensation for funeral expenses and loss of companionship from the liable party.

The amount of compensation varies depending on the severity of the injuries and the degree of fault. An expert San Diego brake failure accident lawyer can assess the value of your claim, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate for your best interests.

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Brake failure accidents can lead to life-altering injuries and immense financial stress. It is a complex process to navigate the legal landscape in the aftermath of brake failure accidents in San Diego. Thus, it is best to seek legal help from a top-rated San Diego brake failure accident lawyer who can make a world of difference to your brake failure accident case.

A skilled San Diego brake accident attorney guides you through each step of the legal process. They can help you understand your rights and legal options. They can also provide invaluable advice, handle negotiations with insurance companies, and work tirelessly to secure the maximum compensation for your losses.

We, at Shamon Law, understand how difficult it is to find a San Diego brake failure accident lawyer who is suited for your case. We can help you find the best brake failure lawyer in San Diego so you can focus on your recovery while your attorney fights for justice on your behalf. Don’t let a brake failure accident derail your life, and Contact us to take the first step towards securing the justice and compensation you deserve.

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