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Stewart Shamon, Founding Partner of Shamon Law, APC
Stewart Shamon, Founding Partner of Shamon Law, APC

Stewart Shamon is a founding partner of Shamon Law, APC. He has a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from San Diego State University and earned his law degree from California Western School of Law. After 9 years of working in the sector of personal injury, criminal defense, and litigation experience, he founded Shamon Law in 2013 to follow his passion for standing up for individuals suffering in accidents and being mistreated by insurance companies. He is known to be an eloquent public speaker, problem solver, and tough negotiator.

Hiring a personal injury attorney may seem like a huge hassle to you and your pocket. But if you were wrongfully injured, it\’s the best solution there is.

Why make yourself suffer more with legal concerns when you\’re already in pain?

Besides, the lack of expert backing from a personal injury attorney could add more salt to your wounds. This is especially true if you lose the case.

Not pursuing a personal injury case may not always work to your advantage either.

So, the best solution would be to seek help from a personal injury attorney. Your initial consultation with them will reveal so much of what they can do for you.

Shamon Law, APC is no exception. As providers of the highest quality legal services, personal injury consultation is one of the things they excel at. Using a direct and aggressive approach, they help ensure fair compensation and the best outcomes for every case.

What to Expect from your Consultation with a Shamon Law Personal Injury Lawyer


Better Understanding of your Case

Before a personal injury attorney proceeds with any legal action, they must first understand what your case is all about. This means you need to provide details of who, what, when, where, why, and all other details surrounding your case.

Your attorney will have many questions that you need to answer in full detail for them to fully understand your case.

Help you Understand the Legal Process

Most people pursuing a case just want to jump to a favorable inclusion and tend to become impatient when the process takes longer to complete than they expected.

But if you understand the legal process and what a lawyer working on your behalf needs to do, you minimize frustration and impatience.

There are several steps involved, most of which are time-consuming. These include filing legal briefs, going through documents, and requesting for replies. An experienced lawyer from Shamon Law will provide you with a step-by-step guide throughout the legal process and insights as to what goes on behind the scenes.

Understand your Role in the Case

Did you know that you play a vital role in the successful outcome of your case?

For one, you need to be truthful and transparent about everything that happened to you to bolster your case and give your lawyer the ammunition they need.

If you are required to meet with your doctor, you also need to do so as scheduled and never miss an appointment.

Your lawyer will fully explain the steps you need to take to ensure an outcome that is favorable to you. Once that\’s done, it\’s your turn to do your share.

Set a Regular Communication Schedule

Regular communication with your lawyer will make you feel like you are their first priority. It is also extremely beneficial for both the attorney and client to discuss the case, especially its progress and other updates.

Knowing what\’s going on will boost your confidence in your lawyer and the case.

Shamon Law will establish a conversation schedule with you to keep you in the loop and updated about your case.

Speak to a Shamon Law personal injury attorney today if you or a loved one is wrongfully injured.

Shamon Law is happy to provide the following legal services to San Diego 92108, and the surrounding San Diego areas: Wrongful Death, Motorcycle Accidents, Dog Bites, Bicycle Accidents, Slip & Fall Accidents, Wills, Trust and Estate Planning, as well as Auto Accidents and other legal fields. Call us today at 619-737-2727 and see if we can help you!

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