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As much as we try to avoid legal problems, there are times when they’re unavoidable. When you get involved in legal matters, like a personal injury claim for instance, it’s important to seek the help of a professional attorney who offers quality services. With the help of a professional law firm, you can protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve. If, for instance, you become involved in a case in which you’re not at fault. Your attorney will help you properly explain your side in court and help you through the grueling process put in place by the insurance companies.

Fortunately, finding the right attorney is not all that difficult. If you’re based in California, for instance, you can get our help here at Shamon Law. We have a team of skillful and experienced attorneys who can assist you in the following practice areas:


Personal Injury

Whether you get injured by a faulty machine at work or by a falling tree limb from your neighbor’s garden, you have every right to file a personal injury claim against the person or entity who is legally responsible. This way, you can get compensation for the injuries you received. And that compensation can go to the amount of money you spent on hospitalization and medical treatments. Shamon Law can assist you in gathering evidence and presenting your case in court so you can receive the highest possible settlement.


Road Traffic Accidents

Even when you’re a responsible driver, accidents can still happen since other motorists might not be as careful as you. These incidents won’t only cause damage to your car but might also injure you and your loved ones. This often leads to hefty medical bills, emotional and mental stress, and even long-term health problems. Road traffic accidents are even more dangerous when bicycles and motorcycles are involved. This is because two-wheeled vehicles are much less stable than their four-wheeled counterparts and can easily lose balance. Here at Shamon Law, we can provide you with an accident attorney who specializes in handling these cases. Our attorneys specialize in bicycle, motorcycle, and auto accidents, and can help you file a claim against the motorist who’s at fault.


Wills, Trust, and Estate Planning

While it’s difficult to think about death, it’s something that everyone should do. Planning is especially relevant to those who have children and/or own properties. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry since Shamon Law is always on hand to help. Our attorneys are experts in will and trust creation as well as estate planning. They will assist in planning for your future and ensuring your wishes are carried out should anything happen to you.


Civil Litigation

Personal injury claims are just one part of civil litigation, which encompasses a wide range of categories. These include lawsuits that involve product liability, construction liability, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation as well as disputes with intellectual property and among landlords and tenants. All of these cases require the expertise of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, such as those who work with us here at Shamon Law. Our attorneys can assist you in preparing your claim, represent you at trials, and ensure you get the compensation that’s rightfully yours.


These are just some of the practice areas that Shamon Law attorneys specialize in. Contact us today to learn more about our services and find out how we can help you.




Shamon Law is happy to provide the following legal services to San Diego 92108, and the surrounding San Diego areas: Wrongful Death, Motorcycle Accidents, Dog Bites, Bicycle Accidents, Slip & Fall Accidents, Wills, Trust and Estate Planning, as well as Auto Accidents and other legal fields. Call us today at 619-737-2727 and see if we can help you!

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