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4 Ways a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

What’s worse than being in a motorcycle accident?

Not receiving compensation for the aches, pains, injuries, and loss of income that you have experienced as a result of an accident.

To avoid this kind of problem, you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. They can help you in more ways than just receiving the maximum compensation that you deserve.


How can a motorcycle accident lawyer help?


  1. Carry out a thorough investigation of a crash

You can only recover compensation for injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident if there is proof of what exactly happened and as to who was at fault. This would require a thorough investigation that is often complicated and time-consuming. It would also require resources you may not have.

But with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer, the driver at fault will be established, road conditions will be evaluated, and vehicles involved will be inspected. They can also prove whether or not you were using the prescribed safety gear or that the helmet you used passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.


  1. Find and collect necessary evidence

Part of the investigation is to locate witnesses to the accident and preserve evidence of the crash. Lawyers will know exactly what needs to be done, what information needs to be collected, and what documents must be presented for your case. Without insider knowledge, you will have a hard time building up your case and finding evidence.


  1. Help determine responsible parties

In a traffic accident, the driver is sometimes not just a driver.

A driver on the job or someone driving a company truck, for example, is not the only one you can pursue for damages. A case may also be built against their employer.

If the accident is due to defective infrastructure, poor road conditions, or maintenance of public roadways, you can claim against responsible governmental entities. For this kind of case, however, you need to file a claim within a 6-month period, so consult a motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

You can also file a claim against manufacturers if the accident is due to a defective motorcycle design, assembly, or manufacturing process. If the helmet you wore did not protect you as designed, for instance, you can pursue damages against a seller and manufacturer.


  1. Help pursue damages

Did you know that a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover most if not all of the expenses from an accident? From medical bills to wage loss, they can help you get full compensation.

You can also claim for any pain and suffering you might experience following a motorcycle accident. But because there is no fixed formula to calculate the compensation, you need the help of an expert lawyer to determine how much you stand to claim for your inconvenience and suffering.

Your lawyer can also help determine if you need to pursue punitive damages which is often rare in motorcycle accidents but can be appropriate in certain situations. This underlines the importance of having an accident lawyer to assist you.


As an ordinary citizen and motorist, your knowledge of accident claims and your right as a victim may be limited. The same could be true if you are a driver at fault. In such instances, consult a motorcycle accident lawyer.



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