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How to Spot the Right and Wrong Accident Attorney

Facing a lawsuit following an injury is like having the proverbial salt rubbed into your wounds. But when your rights have been trampled and you’ve been aggravated in more ways than one, you should fight back. But do it with a reliable accident attorney, so you get the compensation and settlement you deserve.

But how do you find the best lawyer to represent you?

How to Choose the Right Accident Attorney

  • Find one near you. Local lawyers would be familiar with the injury and accident laws in your location, which would make it easier for them to present your case.
  • Make sure the attorney you choose specializes in your particular case. A cruise liner accident attorney is different from someone specializing in workplace accidents. Remember that practice areas hugely differ and you want the right person for the job representing you.
  • See that they have a good reputation. Talk to previous clients to get their opinion or feedback. You can also check with the local bar association or online reviews.
  • Check how long they’ve been in the business. Experience may not always mean an excellent job, but it will give your lawyer an edge. Just don’t overlook up-and-coming attorneys that show great talent.
  • Find out how many cases they have handled. Some lawyers may have been in the business for a long time, but handled only a few cases. Make sure to check that a lawyer has an actual experience with your case.
  • Check for disciplinary record. Would you want someone with issues or run-ins with the law to represent you? Their past may not be a reflection of their present, but you should consider it. Find information from the local bar association.
  • Determine their winning record. How many cases has that lawyer won? Are they successful most of the time? The number of cases they won is a good basis on how good they are at doing their job.
  • Most importantly, know how much an accident attorney Even if they are expensive, if their pricing point is “no-win no-pay”, then you hit the jackpot.

How to Spot the Wrong Accident Attorney

Look for the red flags, which run from the very obvious to the not so obvious.

  • They don’t call back after the initial consultation, or fail to keep the lines of communication open.
  • The attorney suggests outright that you settle, rather than fight it out.
  • They tell you to stop seeking medical attention.
  • They don’t have the credentials to back the success and winning record they claim.
  • They don’t specialize in the kind of accident that you went through.
  • They lack the passion for handling your case and help you out.

What’s worse than an absentee lawyer? An attorney that doesn’t care. If, at the first meeting, you feel like the professional you’re talking to lacks interest about your case, find another one. Don’t risk dragging your case for an extended period just because your lawyer doesn’t have the enthusiasm to help you out.

Your accident attorney should be your ally in your fight for justice and maximum compensation.

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