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What You Need to Know About Outdoor Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip & fall injuries remain to be one of most prevalent personal injury lawsuits filed each year. According to the statistics shared by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slips, trips and falls account for most incidents at the workplace, not including injuries from slipping on the sidewalk and restaurants. In fact, injuries from slips, falls and trips account for 15% of accidental deaths.


While not every incident results to legal liability of the property or establishment owner, a valid claim can cover thousands in costs and medical bills in compensation for damages and injuries. However, it can also be difficult to prove who is at fault for the accident. Some property owners will be contesting the claim and proving if it is valid can be challenging for the injured person.


These factors make it utterly important to consult an attorney who can represent you in the lawsuit. Moreover, it helps to know which incidents entail a slip & fall injury.


Here are some of the conditions that can result to slipping and falling outdoors and the responsibilities of property owners:


Poor Outdoor Lighting


Accidents can happen if there is inadequate lighting outside a building, parking lot or establishment. A customer going to the parking lot can trip on an uneven surface or a curb while a person leaving a restaurant can slip or fall on a step of the stairs if the area is dim and not well-lit. If the owner knows about the problem of poor lighting outside the property and yet did not do anything to address the issue, he or she may be legally liable.


Ice or Snow Accumulation in Building Premises


Generally, property owners are not required by law to remove ice or snow outside their buildings after a weather disturbance. There is an exception in relation to possible liabilities,. If the presence and accumulation of snow is due to the condition and construction of the property, such as:


  • The parking lot has a sloping design that makes it slippery if puddles are formed from melted ice.


  • Clogging of the roof due to poor maintenance. This can cause snow to melt and water to drip, making the floor prone to slips.


  • In situations in which negligence is evident, despite the owner deciding to provide snow removal.


Sidewalks with Poor Conditions


Liability can be imposed on a property owner if he or she maintains a private walkway and someone gets injured after slipping while walking on the area. Conversely, public sidewalks owned by towns and cities and outside privately owned buildings are not the responsibility of the possessor. But if a slip & fall injury occurred on a public sidewalk, the injured person might be compensated by the government.


Poorly Maintained Parking Lots


Aside from insufficient lighting in parking lots, there are other conditions that make property owners liable. For example, an accident from unrepaired cracks and holes, as well as uneven headroom height to name a couple.


Missing work and incurring medical bills due to a slip & fall injury can be expensive. This is why knowing which conditions warrant an entitlement to a claim and what lawsuit to file against a company or person is important.


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