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Summer Fun Gone Wrong: Common Injuries at the Beach

Summer marks the start of fun at the beach and all sorts of outdoor activities. It is the season when swimming pools and BBQs beckon and lure people out of their homes. Along with fun, however, are injuries and accidents.


Not to rain on your parade, but such events are a fact of life. And it has been known to happen that beach fun can go wrong.


Being aware of the possibilities will help you play it safe in summer.


Common Accidents at the Beach


Drowning and Water Craft Related Injuries

Where there’s water, drowning is a huge possibility. During summertime, when the beaches are crowded, the risk of drowning increases, even in beaches where a lifeguard is on duty. It pays to be extra careful when going swimming, especially with children around. If you see somebody acting carelessly in the water, be sure to give distance yourself from them.


It is also equally dangerous when swimmers are around water crafts such as jet skis, surf boards, and kayaks. Be extra cautious of your surroundings and your distance from these water-crafts to avoid accidents. A collision in the water may be deadly specially if it involves a head injury and/or spinal cord injury.


Beach Injuries

Apart from drowning, there are many other injuries that can occur at the beach. Someone could accidentally knock you out or a beach volleyball suddenly lands on your head. Strong currents can also result in injuries, either you hit a rock or someone crashes into you.


Injuries during Beach Events

Attending an organized event or party at the beach? Expect some injuries or accidents to happen, especially if the event draws a huge crowd. Add drinking to the mix and you’re likely to see drunken behavior turned bad before the night ends.


Injuries can be caused by someone\’s negligence as well, whether by event organizers, planners, sponsors, or hosts. Someone might have failed to set up preventative measures, resulting in injuries.


Cop-Related Injuries

Cops assigned to patrol beaches can make mistakes and end up causing harm unintentionally. When breaking up a scuffle, for example, they might use excessive force. In some cases, injuries happen because of the negligence or recklessness of law enforcement officers. Nobody is perfect, after all.


Who is Liable for these injuries?

In all these accidents, there is a question of who is liable.

Is it the lifeguard on duty who failed to keep an eye out on swimmers or provide emergency aid? Considering that they were specially trained to protect beach-goers, they\’re often held liable for injuries or death that occur during their watch.


What if your injury was a result of injury by strong currents? Under the circumstances, finding someone liable can be difficult. It could be the city that\’s liable because of its failure to post signs about dangerous currents or it could be the lifeguard’s employer.


When injuries happen, knowing who’s to blame can dictate how the rest of the event will pan out, like who will pay your medical bills or who will be sued for damages.


Considering that the circumstances are not black and white, it is important that you contact an attorney at Shamon Law to help you find out who will be held liable for injuries. Our knowledge in such cases and the rules surrounding them will make it easier for you to identify who is responsible for what happened or if there’s anyone to blame at all.


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