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Driving Safer to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Modern roads are crowded with cars, and other types of vehicles, which complicates things for many of the people in those vehicles. This growth is in natural proportion to the growing populations in any progressive city. But vehicles alone aren’t the only stressors one deals with on the road. Motorcycles present dangers that are dire for their operators, and unfortunately vehicle drivers could do more to prevent a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident attorney knows all too well.


This dilemma creates a safety problem that everyone must be mindful of in order to avert and prevent disasters from happening.


Motorcycles vs Motor Vehicles


In many accidents between two wheels (motorcycles) and four wheels, the former gets the brunt end of the incident almost all of the time. This is because motorcycle riders don’t have any protection around them except for the helmets on their heads (provided that they do wear one). And for this reason alone, defensive driving dictates giving way to motorcycles especially on constricted roads.


Do Not Forcibly Crowd or Drive too Close with Another Vehicle

Sometimes, you will encounter immature drivers on the road and might just be tempted to respond to using your car in a reckless manner. However just remember that you could end up in jail for a number of reasons, and if that driver is on a motorcycle things might end tragically. A few seconds of restraint on your part is many thousand times better than spending years in jail. Keep this in mind if you find yourself on the verge of losing your cool.


Side Mirrors have Blind Spots

With the advent of cameras installed on vehicles and on many major roads, finding out who one is at fault after an untoward incident happens is easy, however this does not help prevent it from happening in the first place. Thus, on the part of all the drivers on the road, vigilance is a must and as any driver should already be trained to do, all mirrors (rear and side mirrors) should always be regularly checked even if all you need to do is a minor lane change.

This is because at certain angles these mirrors have blind spots and in between the last moment you checked your mirrors a motorcycle may have sneaked up near your vehicle without you knowing it. As you can imagine this might have some dire consequences. It’s also been studied that since many people are not looking for, or expecting motorcycles, you may literally not see them with a glance of your mirrors. Be sure to avoid a motorcycle accident and double check for motorcycles before switching lanes.


Lights Guide the Way

Not only will get pulled over if you don’t have working lights and possibly get a citation, you will also potentially meet an accident on the road without them. Having complete lighting for your vehicle is but an obvious requirement during night driving, but it is also very important to let those following you or behind you know if you will be making a turn or that you are slowing down to a full stop. For this reason you must always make sure that your brake lights, as well as your turn signal lights are always working.



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