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What You Need to Know About Dog Bite Compensation

A study from the Center for Disease Control revealed that 4.7 million dog bites occur in the United States each year, 800,000 of which result in medical care. This means that 1 out of every 69 Americans has experienced a dog bite, which is a scary statistic that should have been prevented if owners are responsible enough for their pets.



Aside from the physical trauma, the emotional stress that comes with an animal attack lasts long after your wounds have healed. This is why if you’ve been a victim of a dog bite, you deserve to be compensated for such a difficult and life-changing experience.




The First Steps to Take After a Dog Attack


After an attack, you need to know what type of dog bit you and if it has an owner or not. A dog with an owner gives you a better chance at getting compensation.


You also need to get medical treatment right away so you have clinical records to support your claim. It’s also very important to get the information of the owner and ask if the dog had complete vaccinations.


Make sure to take photographs of any wounds or damages caused by the attack and if there are witnesses, try to contact them right away to collect information that you can use during the case.




Finding a Good Lawyer


Once you have your wounds treated and you have enough information to pursue a claim, it’s time to find a lawyer to help you out. The success of the case will depend heavily on the capability of your lawyer to prove your claim, so make sure you hire one that is familiar with these types of cases. A good lawyer will also help increase the money that you can demand for your experience.




Pursuing the Case


An animal attack can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which can lead to lifelong consequences for the victim. If you’ve been experiencing the signs and symptoms of PTSD, this could be a good ground for your claim, especially if you need to undergo therapy or counseling to recover from the experience. You can also include pain and suffering in your case, which could increase your compensation depending on the judge. You just need to consult your lawyer and provide medical proof for the jury or judge to listen to your case.



You can also cite emotional distress as part of your claim where you can be given a separate compensation for counseling, therapy and other medical treatments for PTSD. Some states may even award you damages because of the understanding that traumatic events like a dog bite can lead to PTSD. To strengthen your claim, you will need to prove that you have flashbacks, night terrors and triggers that affect your daily life. A doctor or mental health specialist may also be called to be your witness.




Being the victim of a dog bite is definitely a life-changing experience. To prevent things from getting any worse, compensation should be sought after for any medical bills, etc. This is why you need to fight for your right to receive the maximum amount of compensation with the help of a experienced and trusted lawyer as Shamon Law.




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