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The Dangers of Drowsy Driving and Its Increasing Risks

Sleep deprivation can result in slower reflexes which make it risky for a driver to be behind the wheel. The scary part is that quite a number of individuals who engage in this practice are unaware of the possible danger this can bring to other people and to themselves when they drive with only a few hours of sleep. What is alarming still is the rise in the number of accidental deaths related to drowsy driving.

Stats and Reports

Last year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported about the dangers of driving when sleepy. It claimed that the chances of being involved in an automobile accident with only five to six hours of sleep are higher as opposed to drivers who were able to sleep for seven hours and higher over a 24-hour period. According to the study, the crash rate is four times higher for those who slept for only four to five hours. This is a rate that is almost similar to that of inebriated drivers.

In 2015, official traffic statistics indicated that there were 800 deaths and 41,000 injuries out of the 72,000 reported drowsy driving cases. However, there had been an underestimation, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency said that there are about 8,000 deaths each year related to this problem instead of the previous data given with only 800 deaths. This makes for about 20 percent of fatal car accidents in the United States alone.

The study by the NHTSA was conducted to determine the severity of the drowsy driving problem. Determining its impact on the economy and how to resolve this escalating problem. Measures are being taken to lessen the occurrences of drowsy driving-related accidents. Also, educating the public on the importance of getting enough sleep before being on the road, especially if driving long-distance.

National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey

To collect data, the agency came up with the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey. Data were taken from emergency medical services, and crashes which were reported to police where one vehicle was towed. As well drivers who were asked how many hours of sleep they had prior to the accident.

The NHTSA has also called on both the public and private sectors to help in disseminating information. It\’s important to have these sectors be key players for the awareness campaign. Conversely, for people who have been injured or have family members who might have died or have been hurt from a drowsy driving incident, an automobile accident attorney can help in the legal aspect.

Absence of Data

Another main concern discovered, in relation to the crash reports nationwide, was the absence of data on the fatigue levels of drivers at the time the accidents happened. While some were recorded, not all reports had this information. Consequently, accidental deaths related to drowsy driving are often unreported.

Car accidents are inevitable but can be minimized. Concerned agencies and advocates have long been warning the public on the risks of being behind the wheel while sleepy or drunk. Drivers should ensure that they have at least eight hours of sleep before getting in their cars. In cases where it\’s unavoidable, drivers should pull over, preferably off the highway, and get a power nap.

Automobile Accident Attorney

Maybe you’ve been involved in a car accident in which the other driver had fallen asleep while behind the wheel. Perhaps, a family member had his or her life cut short from this type of accident. Get in touch with an automobile accident attorney! You can discuss about the possible wrongful death claim you may be entitled to.

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